Probation Policy

Students registered in any number of credits who receive less than a 2.00 ("C"), Grade Point Average over the Fall and Spring semesters combined will be placed on probation when they register next.

To illustrate this policy, here are some possible scenarios:

  • A student's GPA is below 2.00 ("C") in the fall semester and then improves over the Spring semester to achieve an overall GPA above 2.00 ("C"). They will not be placed on probation.
  • A student takes one course in the Fall which they fail and does not take any other courses in spring, they would be placed on probation.

Being placed on probation means that the student must improve their grades or they will be prohibited from re-registering for a year. If they are placed on probation and wish to return, they will be placed on probation for another year and given an opportunity to increase their GPA.

Assistance is available to students struggling with a low GPA. Vancouver Island University has a variety of supports available to assist students in achieving academic success. See Advising for assistance. Our goal is always to help students achieve their goals.

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